Letters To A Young Artist

"Letter To A Young Artist" by Anna Deavere Smith, is an inspiring book about overcoming obstacles to pursue passion in the arts. One of my favorite passages from this book was "fear." In this section Anna shares a story of understanding what it means to fear, "First of all, don't deny fear. It's a feeling... Continue Reading →


Course Evaluation

Course evaluation: 2 best assignments, 1 least favorite assignment My two favorite assignments were probably the PhotoBooth project, and the Discovery Lake field trip. I enjoyed the Photo Booth Project a lot more than I thought I would. The concept of going out on my own time, talking to people and convincing them to let... Continue Reading →

Artist Panel

This week we had the opportunity to have various artists explain their stories to us and how they found their niche and were able to turn that into a living. The first two speakers were very boring to me, simply because I wasn’t a fan of their styles; it was still cool to see how... Continue Reading →

PhotoBook Project

Last week we designed and ordered our PhotoBooks. For this project we used an online source, "Blurb" to organize and create our own personal PhotoBooks. For my PhotoBook project I wanted to create something that would appeal to like-minded college students such as myself who are on a tight budget, but like to explore what... Continue Reading →

Ian Ruther / Richard Renaldi

Ian Ruther In this video Ian Ruther displayed his style of creating art through “Silver & Light.” I loved the intro to this video because it felt like a scene right out of Breaking Bad. This video was inspiring because of Ruther’s individuality and passion for doing what he loves. The images he created through... Continue Reading →

Young-Ha Kim

“Young-ha Kim: Be an artist, right now!” was assigned to us the other day. This video featured Korean author, Young-ha Kim,” through a live stand up event where he discussed his love for art and the importance of it in our everyday lives. Throughout the video he tells the audience various stories that have all... Continue Reading →

Everybody Street (film)

Everybody Street is an awesome film about street photography that follows a few photographers on their journeys to taking their photography to the next level by finding themselves in an assortment of wild scenarios and areas throughout New York City. This film was powerful because it documented the unlikely livelihoods that some people are dealing... Continue Reading →

Panorama Jamma

Last week we learned how to create legit Panoramas with a DSLR and Photoshop or Lightroom. A Panorama is basically a series of photos all taken in  a line which are then merged together to make one big photo. This was a new experience to me because I have always loved Panorama's but just assumed... Continue Reading →

Night Photography

This week we learned a great deal about night photography. Night photography is a cool way to get some creative and one of a kind photos. I love night photography because it allows every person to photograph something the way they want to and there is a huge amount of different settings that can be... Continue Reading →

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