Panorama Jamma

Last week we learned how to create legit Panoramas with a DSLR and Photoshop or Lightroom. A Panorama is basically a series of photos all taken in  a line which are then merged together to make one big photo. This was a new experience to me because I have always loved Panorama's but just assumed... Continue Reading →

Night Photography

This week we learned a great deal about night photography. Night photography is a cool way to get some creative and one of a kind photos. I love night photography because it allows every person to photograph something the way they want to and there is a huge amount of different settings that can be... Continue Reading →

Navy Guest Speakers April 6th

This week we were fortunate to have a few guest speakers that are currently in the Navy, Ben Lewis and Arthur Marquez come to our classroom and share their stories. It was fascinating to hear their stories about the different instances and scenarios they found themselves in and the opportunities that they have been on.... Continue Reading →

Photo Booth Project

  Earlier this week, Alex and I completed our Photo Booth Project. This project ended up turning out awesome and was a great, fun experience for us when all was said and done. The goal of this assignment was to go out into a high traffic area in a local community or event, setup a... Continue Reading →

Discovery Lake

The other week our VSAR 302 class met up at Discovery Lake in San Marcos. The focus of this exercise was to use natural light and assist one another with bouncing light using reflectors and diffusers. I took one photo with the diffuser, and the rest were using that light that was available. Overall I... Continue Reading →

Project Proposal

History My childhood was primarily spent outside. For my first 8 years of life I was disconnected from most technologies such as TV and the internet. My family has always been very supportive and encouraging me to go out and do things and to be adventurous as much as we possibly could. These early adaptations... Continue Reading →

Robyn Davidson, Rick Smolan // Wanderer talk

“Robyn Davidson, Wanderer, Author & Rick Smolan, Photographer” was a great video that featured Rick Smolan and Robyn Davidson talking about an adventure of a lifetime that occurred in both of their former youths. It all started when Rick Smolan trip to the outback of Australia to photograph the local aboriginals for a feature in... Continue Reading →


On March 21st, 2017 I visited MOPA at Balboa Park. The two featured exhibitions were “India and The Picturesque,” and “Prix Pictect: Disorder.” “India and The Picturesque” explained some of the history of India and how photography in India was primarily influenced by British control and influences on the region. British government set out to... Continue Reading →

Rick Smolan: The story of a girl

The story of a girl presented by Rick Smolan was very fascinating. I have to admit I was expecting a whole lot less. The way that the story started caught my attention due to how Rick was intrigued by something he couldn't do. Rick's story of how he ventured to Korea to photograph Amerasian children... Continue Reading →

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